OviPay Benefits

A comprehensive set of tools enabling you to start processing payments right away

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Secure Payment Gateway

Powered by a nifty API, easy to integrate and extremely developer friendly

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At the core of our services lies our merchants payment gateway, a flexible and secure, PCI DSS compliant platform connecting you as our merchant to a myriad of payment providers or acquierers throughout Europe, enabling you to process payments in any currency from customers across the globe, through virtually any payment method.

Powerful Transaction Dashboard

Staying in charge of your finances is as critical as making sure your website runs properly

With OviPay's transaction dashboard you have a complete overview of all your important performance indicators.

Real-time view over data such as number of orders and transactions or live revenue monitoring make our reporting a meaningful way of analysing and predicting your business health metrics.

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Powerful Fraud Protection

Focus on your business while we protect you from online fraudulent activities for your complete peace of mind

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OviPay provides a state-of-the-art Fraud Monitoring and Alert System that employs unbeatable fraud detection algorithms, 24/7 monitoring and other tools such as smart scoring, automatic thresholds and blacklisting.